Four Foods to Eat For Dinner to Lose Weight

Pork Roast DinnerThe first rule about when you start your eat dinner lose weight campaign is to eat early and eat light. Dinner is just as an important meal of the day as is breakfast. While what you eat for breakfast matters in regards to starting the day, what you eat for dinner matters in respect to how you end the day.

In fact, your dinner impacts your efforts to keep your body weight in check. While we tend to eat to get satisfied, there is a fine line between that and eating to support your efforts of shedding off those excess pounds. If you want to learn more about how to eat dinner and lose weight, then Simple Day Diet.

Else, read our guide about how to plan your weight loss campaign.

Start with Vegetables

You should start with a dish of your favorite veggies. Eating vegetables throughout the day is a good way to stay on track when trying to lose weight and having some for dinner should be how you end your day. You need to do around three cups of veggies each day, which means a cup in the morning, midday, and night.

It can be a vegetable salad or a veggie soup load with celery, onions, and carrots all half cooked. You can as well do steamed veggies or stir-fry vegetable dish. There are no limitations to what you can make, just remember to include a variety of vegetables into each meal more so the last one for the day – your dinner.

Add Lean Protein

The idea of lean protein added to a weight loss meal plan is not something that most people think works, but it does work. In fact, you should swap out most of the starchy foods and have protein be the center stage of your supper. The objective is to do healthy sources of lean protein.

Some white meat such as seafood, chicken, or rabbit meat will do the magic. Avoid process meats and red meat. Avoid cooking methods that involve extra fat. Poaching, steaming, and grilling are a good way of cooking your meat.

You can also source protein from nuts. For vegans, a meal that has all the necessary nuts will be a good way of ensuring that they get the protein they need. For instance, a mushroom burger made from whole bread and veggies will be a satisfactory meal for supper.

Do Whole Grains

Whole grains are a rich source of carbohydrates as well as fiber. Carbohydrates help to regulate your blood sugar and supply your body with energy. If you feel that all you need for your dinner is a hearty snack or wake up in the middle of the night for a snack, then consider eating whole grains that have a healthy fiber content. Fiber will keep making you feel full because it is digested slowly.

Brown rice or amaranth or a few slices of whole-grain bread severed with a plate of lean protein meat and veggies soup is an excellent example of an exquisite dinner that supports your weight loss campaign. Remember to cook early so that you can eat early. The fiber count will keep you feeling full so you will not wake up for a midnight snack.

Take Enough Liquids (Preferably Water)

You need to ensure that you have enough liquids. Staying hydrated is a vital part of any weight loss program and thus should be an important part of your eat dinner lose weight campaign. Remember that you need at least eight glasses of water per day. Take a glass of water at least an hour before you go to bed.

Eating dinner is an important part of maintaining healthy weight. The Half Day Diet meal plan is an example of a diet that focuses on eating a big dinner. It is different than other diets that tend to avoid eating much at dinner. If you want to lose weight, follow the steps above or learn more about diets that allow you to eat large at dinner.

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How to Start Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Spinach Shrimp and Avocado Salad for Intermittent FastingThere are many diet methods that are being used today to help people lose weight. One of them is Intermittent Fasting or commonly abbreviated as IF. IF is a diet where a person does a fast for 16-20 hours continued with a feeding time of 4-8 hours.

Here is a testimony from Amir W, a 20-year old man who went from 184 lbs to 154 lbs using IF (as told to

From a small boy, I have always had a fat body. During college, I started to diet because I had a crush on one of my friends. I did running and drastically decreased my calorie intake.

This method did work to reduce my weight, but I couldn’t maintain the calorie reduction so I went back to my previous eating pattern. This change made my body weight climb back up to what it was before.

I finally decided to join a fitness center. Besides doing weight lifting, I also did intermittent fasting. This diet is the method that suits me well since it works good on me.

The way that Amir did his fasting was to eat his calorie necessities within the 8 hours feeding window. He ate most of his food after working out or exercising. The food that he ate was composed of:

  • 40% protein
  • 20% carbohydrates
  • 20% fiber
  • 20% healthy fats

IF is a diet method that has a high success rate. It is so effective that many other diets implement the IF method into their program. Therefore, there are several ways of doing intermittent fasting depending on what diet program you are following.

Some diet programs recommend two days of fasting each week. You can do your fast in consecutive days, or you can do them one day or two days apart. There are advantages and disadvantages to any way you decide to do your fasting, so you must figure out which one suits best your style.

One of the most popular methods for doing IF is Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon. This is the method that has become the standard in the diet and fitness industry. Brad’s method is supported by hundreds of research that examines all aspects of fasting and how it affects the human body. For more information about Brad’s method, visit

The main problem you may endure during fasting is simply adjusting to the new habit. If you have never fasted in your life, your body will need time to adapt to the fasting process. If you experience food withdrawal symptoms, it is recommended that you try fasting for short periods before trying longer periods of 16-20 hours.

IF is a good method to choose if you are still unable to lose weight. Pick one of the many available methods for doing IF or pick Brad’s method above. Like Amir’s story, you too can lose many pounds.